Coming March 2022

"Lyrical, piercing, and powerful.”

LARA PRESCOTT, author of The Secrets We Kept

“Evocative and moving, Country of Origin shows the struggles of two families caught up in the tumult of recent history. Love, loss, betrayal, migration, all of these are deftly explored in this fi ne fi rst novel. Dalia Azim has given us a true and powerful story of the ties that bind and the ties that break, and our endless negotiation between the two.”

—BEN FOUNTAIN, author of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

“I picked this book up, not expecting the mystery, courage, and riveting adventure I would find in its pages. I put it down three days later, changed as the best books change you: stronger, and of wider, wilder vision. Among the best novels I’ve read in years.”

—DEB OLIN UNFERTH, author of Barn 8

“With its devastating and dizzying turns, Country of Origin reminds us that acts of revolution, both public and private, leave a profound legacy. Dalia Azim is a fearless excavator of what we leave behind. She writes with curiosity and compassion.

SIMON HAN, author of Nights When Nothing Happened

"Country of Origin brilliantly depicts the way the political systems we live in and the families we are born to indelibly shape us, even while we can never fully know them. But perhaps, with luck and with strength, we do have the ability to become known to ourselves. Azim’s debut is unflinching and ambitious, creating a beautiful marvel that unfolds with its own hidden mysteries."

STACEY SWANN, author of Olympus, Texas